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  • Toothpaste Tablets

    Your toothpaste is now in tablet form.

    Simply bite, brush, and rinse. Don't forget to smile!

    Zero-plastic, Zero-waste, Zero-guilt; with the same cool bubbly lather as your regular toothpaste.

    Available in Blizzard: Peppermint & Menthol and Herbed: Rosemary & Clove flavors Available in travel size, bulk & refill pack.
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  • Oral Care Essentials

    All you need and more.

    Discover a wide range of oral care accessories that will help you maintain your oral hygiene. From toothbrushes to tongue scrapers, we've got you covered.
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Made with Expertise

  • herma...ㅤㅤShopee

    "Big fan of eco friendly and organic products, happy to have found this shop. Took me days before I made this review, you get the same foam from your regular toothpaste, it just feel weird that you have to bite the tablet at first but you'll get used to it. Perfect with my eco friendly toothbrush 😍"

  • Kimi A. ㅤㅤLazada

    "Kintab is exactly what I'm looking for - eco-friendly alternative to tube toothpaste! Controlled dispensing of product since they are in tablets, one is enough to clean thoroughly as it foams (and tastes) like regular toothpaste.
    Packaging was well-thought of! Refillable bottle. Box and fillers were also recycled."

  • zhiennaquinoㅤㅤShopee

    "Perfect for travel ito. Or kapag aalis ka sure ka na you will always have a fresh breathe! Maganda ang product and ang bilis maship!"

  • M***ㅤㅤLazada

    "I've been using this for months now. It really works."

  • Kristine G.ㅤㅤLazada

    "I love this. No need for tubes packaging and add to our growing waste problem. Hope to have more ecoshops like this in my area. We need more of you."

  • Royce H.ㅤㅤLazada

    "Great product. Feels like toothpaste and mouthwash in one product. I like the minimalist packaging and the personalized note."

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