About Us

The oral care industry, particularly the toothpaste sector, is one of the most polluting and unsustainable aspects of a consumers lifestyle. Gen and Guil, the partners behind KINTAB, decided to create a toothpaste tablet company  after meeting at a weekend market with a zero-waste and sustainable ethos due to a lack of proper sustainable toothpaste alternatives in the Philippine market

KINTAB’s overall goal is to challenge and transform the oral care industry in the Philippines to elevate the quality of oral care and to raise awareness on how unsustainable our current practices are. 

On sustainability

The Philippines has an unsustainable culture of plastic production and consumption. Many of which are common household items such as single use toothpaste tubes. Although our unsustainable practice with regards to our reality of using single use plastics as an economical solution, it stems from multifaceted social ills. KINTAB‘s goal is to change this scenario by providing an accessible and viable alternative to unsustainable commercial practices in the oral care industry. 

From the production process to the packaging, KINTAB products are made with sustainability in mind. 

ingredients list

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